Self-Publishing Means Self-Serving, Part I

Isobella Jade

Since I self-published my book I have gotten press on it one way or another in the New York Post, The New York Times (business section), Page Six, Media Bistro, New York Metro, computer magazines, fashion magazines in Italy and Sweden, Fashion Television and I recently spoke on German radio. You can find me in over thirty pages of Google. The best part is it hasn’t cost me a dime. It isn’t over either. My self promotion to gain more press on my self-published book and myself is an every day effort.

The self-publishing market is something that isn’t talk enough about. There is plenty to choose from when deciding which self-publishing company to use. I chose Book Surge and within two weeks from downloading my Word document, it was complete. I had a book in my hands and also at and

Although the work only just begun, I knew that just having the book available doesn’t mean that sales or media would suddenly come! I have found that you have to let the world know that your book is out there and to sometimes grab your bootstraps and write your own press release. It has taken a lot of self-serving, a lot of research and just being able to have your book printed and published doesn’t mean the work is over.

Ironically I decided to self-publish even after having a wonderful literary agent, so I went right for Google and tried to learn everything I could about what it meant to publish a book myself and get sales and buzz. Unfortunately there weren’t many articles based on tips and advice for marketing a self-published book. Therefore, marketing my book is something I have had to learn how to do from scratch, and especially without huge funds, it has involved these important methods:

1. Use free marketing tools: Don’t be afraid of Myspace, Facebook, and having a website. It gives you a sense of connection with people who might be interested in the topic your book covers. Google search rankings can really affect your hits and sales and I currently also have three blogs that are based on my book. I think if you can write a book about a topic then you can have a blog about it. For example: My book is about petite modeling and so do my two blogs.

I know my audience for my book and blogs is an aspiring model and woman are big dreamers, so I promote myself by including the buzz words in my blogs which my audience might Google,- including words and subjects that are related to my book and then I will naturally pop up with the Google search results. If you were to search “modeling memoir”, “petite modeling tips”, or “petite models”, I come up on the first pages. This has helped to gain sales and also a presence and recognition on this topic.
Email is free and I use my Yahoo account every day as a marketing tool, to email editors, reporters, and writers who write about topics found in my book.

2. Market the topics in your book: This can help you to target radio shows, newspapers, and selective magazines. Plenty of these outlets speak about your topic and your goal is to get in touch with them. Did you know you can search network and magazine mastheads and do all your research on the Internet without spending a dime? You can also email and pitch your book and its topics that might be appealing to the newspaper column, the TV show, radio show, or magazine. Research reporters who write on topics related to your book and approach them through email or call. This can lead to press. My book is about being a petite model but also it involves the topics of technology, petite women, shoes, the Internet, the Apple Store, and small business. I can reach out to business magazines and women’s magazines, along with technology magazines and newspapers- so I consider all of this when I market my book. Also, I have launched my own modeling pod cast called Model Talk, where I promote my book and talk about the experiences I have had as a model. So remember your book can be spread in many angles.

Watch for the Part II of Self-Publishing Means Self-Serving, coming March 11, 2008.

Isobella Jade is a petite model in New York City, and she just signed her self-published book to The Friday Project in the U.K.


  1. Isobella keep it up! You’re an inspiration to get out there and get what you want.

  2. Great advice, Isobella. I’m just learning about all the great possibilites of self-marketing. Craigslist is another great place to post information to up your SEO.

    Can’t wait to hear more!

  3. nice to see someone with fresh tips!

  4. Excellent advice from one of the most persistent self-promoters I know!
    Don’t forget, with magazine editors and talk show hosts, etc, don’t be afraid to touch base with them on a regular basis. We’re busy people, and the person that stays on the top of the stack has the best chance of publication/airing.

  5. Kudos to you Isobella! I too am a self-published author. You make several strong points here. Self-pubilshing is a wise choice for many, but it does involve a lot of hard work and diligence. I used Zip Publishing. They were professional and helped me put out a great product!