StarSitter: A Look into the Life of a Star Wrangler

Cynthia Cheng

On March 25, I had the opportunity to attend a book event hosted by The Society, an organization that hosts exciting events such as trips, author nights, movie screenings and a whole host of fun events.   The event on Tuesday was held at Le Germain, a boutique hotel in the heart of Toronto’s Entertainment District. The book presented was Andrea Dana’s StarSitter, about a young woman, Grace Daniels, who worked as a temporary guardian to a very annoying and trouble-making teen actress.  The novel is based on Andrea’s personal experiences working with young actors on a variety of productions in the Toronto area.

In the story, Grace Daniels was hired to be teen actress, Maddy Malone’s guardian and accompany her to Los Angeles, as she did not want her mother to come along.  Grace must chauffer Maddy to her photo shoots, interviews and other events to promote her upcoming movie release.  Grace also has to deal with Maddy’s crazy outbursts, demands and other diva-like behavior, including her insistance that she gets the same two bedroom suite every time (when in reality, it is a junior suite).

Cynthia Cheng (l) and StarSitter author, Andrea Dana (r)

The event was well-attended, and not only did Andrea read from the book, but guests also had the wonderful opportunity to ask her questions about the book and about her experiences.  We also found out WHO exactly Maddy Malone, was based on (I won’t tell you who it is.  You’ll have to read the book and figure it out yourself!) as well as some interesting gossipy details about people in the entertainment industry, such as which actors are the most diva-like and which ones are “normal” and so forth.  I had a wonderful time, met lots of different people and I’m definitely looking forward to other events!

Note: For readers from the New York City area: The Society recently launched a New York branch