Turning Necessities into Luxuries

Lisa Mcdonald

 As I mentioned to a co-worker that I was going to the dentist that day, she told me how much she dislikes going there.  I went on to tell her that I loved it.  Just the thought of lying back in a recliner chair for an hour with people fussing all around you is like a spa treatment to me!  After we had a few laughs, I started wondering what other of life’s necessities I could make into luxuries. I made an effort to pay close attention to the tasks I normally dread and did my best to change my perception on them.  It didn’t take long to try it out.  After leaving the dentist/”spa,” I found myself on a busy road, hitting every red light and felt the frustration set in.  At that point, I new this would be my first opportunity to try my new mental attitude.  Sitting at the light I started looking around and realizing that the blossoms were out on all of the trees and the grass had turned the shade of green that reminds you of spring.  I saw people walking their dogs and others bicycling to their destinations.  I knew then that I was on a scenic tour of the city in spring and wished my ride would have been longer.  Later that day I was doing the daunting task of grocery shopping.  I stopped grabbing the usually junky snacks and treated myself to some new products which I deemed “gourmet”.  It made me feel like I was at Parisenne market instead of the crowed place where everyone goes to get food.  That night my least favorite task, washing dishes, became an aromatherapy facial by doing them with my new cucumber-melon dish detergent. As the days went on the task of rearranging a situation became easier and easier.  Working became a time to improve my social graces.  Bill paying was now known as making wise investments in my home.  Yard work became yoga and who knew that I had my own live-in personal trainer?  He’s eight years old and always has me doing cardio by running up and down stairs to bring him things, weight lifting by carrying loads of laundry around and stretching as I did things like playing Frisbee and tag.  By Sunday I had learned my new mental attitude had not only made tasks easier for me, it made them more enjoyable.  To celebrate, I spent that Sunday with friends watching everyone’s favorite four best friends, Charlotte, Miranda, Samantha and Carrie on the big screen, and as the Sex and the City movie ended I knew I had it good!



  1. So true Lisa–although I’m not so sure about the dentist as it can be painful!

  2. Hi Lisa,

    It’s a great article and very well-written. It really puts things into perspective. Good call on the ending with Sex and the City-very funny!


  3. Elizabeth says:

    Hey Lisa!
    That’s an encouraging artical!! For one to consciously choose how to respond to life’s everyday challenges, one gives oneself more control. This is a wise outlook. I enjoyed your thoughtful writings and look forward to some more.
    Cheers, Elizabeth

  4. Laura Mabee says:

    Great Article Lisa!
    This article was passed on to me from my Mom (Elizabeth Mabee). I’m very glad she passed it on! What a refreshing way to go about those tasks we just don’t like doing. I’ll keep your ideas in mind, and I will pass this article on to my friends to.

    Thanks so much for the ideas!
    Laura Mabee