iPhone finally launches in Canada – but no unlimited data plan

The iPhone launches in Canada this Friday and people are already up in arms about the charges. Canadians are not going to experience the unlimited service that Americans and British get. Through Rogers, the only crrier to service the iPhone in Canada, requires a three year contract. This is one year longer than the United States and 18 months longer than the UK.

Since the anonuncement of the iPhone launch in the spring, several petitions have been posted online. Many customers are demanding that Canadians get the same kind of service as iPhone users in other parts of the world. For example, Rogers will charge $100/month for 1G of data. This may be all fine and dandy if you’re using it for e-mail purposes, but iPhone users typically would not use their phone for calls, texting and e-mail. Their phone is their second computer.

Of course, Rogers will argue that it’s more than enough, but again, they are not taking into consideration what the iPhone user is like. They don’t seem to understand that the iPhone user probably doesn’t fall into the same category as a Blackberry user. Blackberry users tend not to use their gadget for Internet surfing. In addition, many Blackberry users have their phone paid for by their companies. The iPhone is, in general, not something that companies would issue.

Perhaps Rogers has underestimated the data usage of its customers. They do not offer unlimited plans of any sort for any of their smartphones. If they had, it would be unlikely that the iPhone would take over a year to launch in Canada!