Prospere Magazine EXTRA: Cuil Launches With Glitches

According to all the news releases, Cuil (pronounced “cool”), the new search engine launched yesterday, is supposed to be Google’s new competitor. However, this may not necessarily be the case. Why? You can’t find anything with this site! For example, this site was non-existent, nor did Shorty Stories churn anything out. I originally dismissed it as these sites being too small. But this isn’t the case. Even well-known terms, such as “jaguar” turned out nothing. Well-known blogger/social media commentor, Chris Brogan couldn’t look up his name either. In fact, as of 7:30 am Tuesday morning, the site was impossible to access! It could be that it has crashed because too many people are trying to use it, but it’s a search engine. It shouldn’t be crashing like this! The site did have a contact info, and I’m sure many people have written or called.

This isn’t a competitor. The cuil people certainly aren’t cool. They should have tested out the glitches before launching! Why bother launching an imperfect product?

Update at 8:30 am: This is what shows up when I Cuil’d Prospere Magazine. Notice how Prospere Magazine, the actual website, doesn’t show up. Instead, they’re a bunch of sites that either have feeds to Prospere Magazine or some sort of link. It’s worse when for Shorty Stories. The results have nothing to do with the blog! This isn’t a search engine, it’s more like Technorati.

At least you get the Jaguar cars’ official site when you look Cuil “jaguar” now.