Making it in High Heels Launch

Cynthia Cheng

Making it in High Heels, an uplifting and inspiration collection of writing by women held its launch party at C Lounge in Toronto on August 25.  The book, which is published by Burman Books, was written by 39 women from all over North America and its stories are comparable to the Chicken Soup for the Soul franchise.  The writers come from very different backgrounds, ranging from “small-town girls” to daughters of environmental activists to former Degrassi actress, Andrea Lewis, who talked about her career.

While writers represented a variety of different careers, the industries these women are involved in are not diverse enough.  None of the writers seemed to be from historically male-dominated careers such as medicine, law and finance, or at least didn’t discuss it.  But at the same time, these women weren’t old-line debutantes either.  One writer is Emily Hunter, a second generation environmental activist.  There were also other stories that involved women who come from challenging lives, including teen mothers, victims of abuse and so forth.

C Lounge was the perfect spot for the event.  The large, spacious interior as well as the patio gave guests lots of room to move around.  In addition to hearing a few of the writers speak about their pieces, guests were also entertained by a Samba band.  Unfortunately, the lower ceilings of C Lounge made the drums seem louder than they really were.  C Lounge was not the best venue for a Samba band.  In fact, my ears hurt for a long time after I left the party. The concert would have been much better had it been held outside.

Making it in High Heels is now available for pre-order at Amazon and will be set to hit stores around the holiday season.  There are plenty of stories in the book. I enjoy reading it tremendously, It is a great read, especially for teenage girls and young women who need inspiration, and will make a very nice present for the holiday season. It is also worth noting that Burman Books has teamed up with StepStones for Youth, an organization which is committed to addressing life skills to youth in Ontario.  Twenty percent of the proceeds of the book will go to the organization.