SingleTease to Success

Cynthia Cheng

Friends Kristin Moore and Tamara Lawrence often wondered why it was so difficult to talk to men.  They would make eye contact, yet the guys did not respond.  Sometimes, they wondered whether the guys even thought they were single!  That was when SingleTease was born.  Launched in the March 2007, every SingleTease item has caught the world by storm.  Singer Mariah Carey wore a SingleTease t-shirt in her video, “Touch my Body.”  SingleTease t-shirts are known as SingleTees.  SingleTease also produces tote bags (SingleTote) and doggie shirts (SinglePup).

SingleTease on how long it took for them to launch:

We thought of the idea in late August 2006 and launched the company in March 2007, so about 7 months even with full time jobs!

On whether there was a lot to overcome before launching:

We had a lot to learn about retail and all the legal stuff involved with our idea. Everything from trademarks the product; to messaging, product development, to the development of an e-commerce website, including finding models, photographers, setting up merchant accounts, fulfillment and customer service. This just scratches the surface.

On  the “typical” customer:

They are single! Actually, sometimes married friends have bought them as gifts for their single friends. They make a great gift! When we first launched the company, we really thought our demographic would be late twenties to early forties. However, we’ve been surprised to find that younger women and women in their sixties buy them as well. There are a ton of singles out there of all ages that can benefit from our products.

On whether they have a design background:

We both come from design backgrounds which comes in handy. We’ve been developing brands for our own clients for 16-20 years each. So we have the skills to create print and any electronic media needed and know a bit about marketing as well.

On how they promote SingleTease:

We have promoted the line in a number of ways: women’s shopping events like Shecky’s Girls Night Out, write-ups from pubs such as Glamour, iVillage and Women’s Wear Daily, and radio and TV appearances such as XM Radio and CNBC’s The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch. We wrote and sent out press releases to ALL these companies asking them to share our story with their audiences. It can also be about “who you know” that can help promote your product. Mariah Carey is wearing our “boy scouting (are your prepared?)” shirt in her latest video, “Touch my Body.” A friend’s sister is a stylist in Hollywood and was happy to make the connection for us with Mariah. We’ve been very fortunate for such a young company! The latest news is our blog will be launching very soon. We are excited to share all the stories we’ve received from singles out there!

On whether they use professional models or staff members/volunteers:

As a start up company that has only been funded by us, we need to skimp where we can. So we have had some wonderful friends, (who are all single, by the way!) model for us. We also have had wonderful help from a professional photographer, photo retouchers and a fabulous web developer. All these people have made this company happen for us!

On where people can purchase SingleTease products:

We sell them direct to the public on our website.  We just developed three new products that are currently available for wholesale: SingleTee® for men, SingleTote® and SinglePup® doggie tees. We plan to have these available for purchase on our website later this year.

Advice for people who want to start a t-shirt line:

Patience. It’s amazing how much hard work goes into selling products. More than you would think possible. Make sure to do your research not only on product development, but legal matters, finances, great design and even your competition. You need to have passion and you must believe in your product!

On where they see themselves in 5-10 years:

Can we say Oprah?  Isn’t that what every entrepreneur wants? Seriously, that would be wonderful, but we see our line of products being sold not only in boutiques, but as a full line devoted to the single audience in department stores across the country as well as Canada.

We see our line of products being featured as a perfect gift for any single. Publications will begin to concentrate not only on what to get a partner, but also that single friend!
Online dating sites and singles events will offer these products as another way to meet people! The list is endless.


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