FastLane Gets Healthy at the Adelaide

Cynthia Cheng

juiceFastLane’s first networking event off 2009 was held at the Adelaide Club, with a special focus on health.  For many, the holiday season has taken a toll, with all the rich, high fat, high calorie foods which we consummed.  It is definitely time to get back to normal.

The health focus at the event made it much more than a regular networking party.  There was a mini tradeshow, which where Mona Vie, a healthy fruit juice took part.  Mona Vie is a juice blended with healthy fruits such as blueberry, bilberry, pomogranate as well as the Brazilian açai berry.  Also there was Xoçai, a healthfood chocolate as well as an acupuncturist.  Each had a booth where minglers could go up and either try the product (in the case of Mona Vie and Xoçai) or have a simple procedure done with the acupuncturist, who analyzed the participant’s tongue.  According to participants Prospere Magazine spoke with, she was very accurate in indicating what “problems” they had. 

In terms of participants, the January event was smaller than usual.  Perhaps it was the weather, perhaps the venue.  In addition, the juice/snack bar of the Adelaide was not big enough to really mingle, and people were not using the lounge.  Despite having fewer people, it was awfully crowded.  However, the venue did give FastLane some exposure, as many non-FastLaners dropped in (mostly for the food). 


The event ended with draws for a variety of health-related door prizes.  The next FastLane event will be held on February 10, 2009.