Rapport Celebration – Expansion, Merger and All that Jazz

Cynthia Cheng


Rapport Inc., the Toronto-based communications and design company which focuses on graphic, web design and other creative services to sell a company’s brand, threw an amazing event last week.  The event, which had several purposes including the celebration of the company’s expansion and the merger with Tibbles, another company from the industry, as well as client appreciation, was a nice after-work cocktail party.


It was held in the cozy Rapport Inc. offices in downtown Toronto.   There was an amazing spread of food offered – an array of appetizers including salmon, cheese, pizza and veggies and dip, catered by Amazing Food.    However, other than the grapes which were on the cheese tray, no sweets were served.  While the food was wonderful, it would have been even more so had there been some squares or cookies. 


Attendees came from a variety of different industries ranging from other communications-related companies, to food to legal.  Many guests were current or former clients Rapport Inc. or have worked with them in other forms.  Prospere Magazine, for example, published an article on branding by Faith Seekings, the creative director. While this affair was technically to celebrate Rapport Inc., it also served as an opportunity for guests to network, through food and talk, to build new opportunities for themselves. 

A draw was held at the end of the event for a martini set and the Rapportini (a cocktail served at the event) recipe.