Good Things Come in Small Packages

Cynthia Cheng


Recently, the Los Angeles-based lingerie company, The Little Bra Company held a trunk show in Toronto.  Producing pretty bras in A and B cups, The Little Bra Company is one of few lines which also offer non-training bra like pieces that come in 28 and 30 bands.  They also carry more “common” band sizes from 32-36.

The event, held at the Sutton Place Hotel and co-hosted by Petite Fashionista, was a intimate event where a variety of different pieces were on display.  The venue was a large, beautiful suite, where pieces were not only hung ona rack, but also placed in various parts of the room, including a couple of gorgeous dressers.  The dim lighting of the room itself and the suite’s furniture definitely gave the event a certain kind of ambience. 


The great thing about the trunk show was that it gave women the chance to try the bras on.  Many who attended commented that it was very difficult for them to find pretty lingerie – their size either doesn’t exist, or if it does, only available in training bra styles.  This isn’t something that a grown woman generally wants.  The women who attended were pleasantly surprised at the large selection, with a variety of different styles, ranging from frilly to plain to racerback, strapless and more.  Small sizes, especially small band sizes is also something which is often overlooked – many people, including many lingerie experts don’t often realize that there are adult women who wear 28 and 30 bands, including women whose cup sizes are larger than an A. 


Bras from The Little Bra Company are available at these stores and will be at more places soon.


  1. Thank you for this article!

  2. I have had to go as far as Tokyo to purchase smaller bras in the 28 to 30 band size so it is difficult to find them in the U.S. I am so pleased to hear that they are readily available. Good for them…..

  3. I bought a couple of their bras the other day and I love them! I’m not exactly small chested, but normal bras would gap on me or not feel supportive (I tend to go in-between sizes, so bras would either be too tight or too loose). The bras from TLBC worked wonders! They give lift AND cleavage. Wish they had more color selection, but their styles are definitely a yes!