Buy, Sell just about ANYTHING on EBay

eBay (NASDAQ GS: EBAY) was one of the earliest e-commerce sites on the Internet.  Launched in 1995, the eBay now has localized sites in many different countries, including Canada, the UK, Japan and France.  The site is very user-friendly and a log in is not necessary – one can use it as a guest shopper.  Items are priced in three different ways.  Auction-style listings allow the seller to list products for a fixed number of days.  The “fixed price format” allows sellers to offer items for sale at a “buy it now” price and shoppers do not have to enter a bid.  There are also Dutch auctions (a detailed explanation of Dutch auctions can be found here).  Generally, payments accepted include credit cards and PayPal (the electronic payment system owned by eBay).

Because one can sell just about everything on eBay (including the kitchen sink!), there have been more than a few unusual items which have gone on sale over the past 14 years.  These include a piece of cereal which resembled ET and an uneaten Brussels sprout listed by a British man.  Once, the German Language Association listed the entire German language to draw attention to the influence of English creeping into the German language. 

While most things are listable on eBay, the site does have some restrictions.  Some of them are local, while others apply across the board.  These include instructor editions of textbooks, bootleg recordings (including movies and audio), ammunition and non-physical items.  Many trademarked/copyrighted items are restricted as well, since it can’t be proven that they’re authentic.

On Tuesday, March 24, eBay opened at 12.95 and closed at 12.65.  Its 52-week highs and lows were 12.99 and 12.54.