Aime Luxury: To Love Oneself and to Love Life


Designer Monica Mei of Aime Luxury utilized her background in fashion (Bachelor of Design, Ryerson University) and business (BBA, University of Toronto) to make her brand successful.  Originally intending to become a dentist, she eventually gravitated towards business, with a minor in fine art, and then to fashion.  Taking five years to complete her degrees full time at two schools, she graduated from both universities in 2007.  Her career in fashion design was, by her graduation well under way.  That year, Monica won the university-wide Standard Broadcasting Corporation’s Business Plan competition, worth $25,000 for her label.  A year later, she was awarded $7,000 by Ontario Partnership Innovation Canada to help further expand her label internationally.

Monica has worked all over the world, including China, Hong Kong and New York.  As an avid international traveller, her designs are often inspired by the places she’s been, which clearly shows in her 2009 Seasonless collection, presented recently in Toronto’s LG Fashion Week.  Heavily influenced by post-WWII Paris, the collection has the vibe which emphasizes Monica’s philosophy of loving oneself, loving life and loving luxury.  According to Monica, the era was a time of community where “people gathered in the bistros and cafes to talk about things.  It was a time of knowledge.”   The Paris theme is further seen in Aime Luxury’s current marketing material, “Je T’Aime Paris.”  This not only promotes the line’s French influence, but also a way to let people know how “Aime” is pronounced – many are pronouncing it “aim” or “Amy.”  

Comfort and fit is another thing that Monica strives for with her label.  All of her clothes must pass the “bra test,” (meaning that bras aren’t visible) and dresses and tops have bra clasps to make sure that the bra straps do not fall out.  In terms of demographics, Aime Luxury has the ability to appeal to a wide variety of consumers, ranging from uptown to downtown, hipster to “yummy mummy.”

Currently, Aime Luxury is available in several cities, including Toronto, Vancouver, Miami, Chicago and Boca Raton.  She will be expanding to more locations , including Montreal and New York, this summer.


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