Karen Mager: From Working Away from Home to Working At Home

Karen Mager, a retired corporate executive is known to “reinvent” herself every 10 years.  She has worked in a variety of industries, including a freight and courier company which she started herself in 1983.  The company started out with one car in one town and by the time it was sold 11 years later, it had a fleet of vehicles, a leased aircraft and had customers in 17 states.  Karen has also written multi-national Joint Venture proposals for NAFTA.  Karen’s latest project is CremeMagnolia, an online resource which helps women in business or women wanting to start one.

At Karen’s last job, she was required to be away from home for most of the year.  She decided that her next position would be something completely opposite, something without any travel, and preferably home-based.   After searching  the Internet for such opportunities and only coming up with scams, she realized she needed to do something.  Too many women were buying into these pyramid selling opportunities hoping that they too would become as successful quickly as the sites claimed.  Thus, she came up with CremeMagnolia.

The name, CremeMagnolia comes from Karen’s southern heritage – the magnolia is very prominent in the southern US and is also Mississippi’s state flower.  Creme comes from the word, crème, which is sometimes used to refer to blondes. It was also a name Karen used in a previous business.

The workforce surely has changed a great deal for women since Karen started working in the 1970s.  It was much harder back then, since women weren’t even considered for certain positions.  It went to a point that she started using her initials (K.R. opposed to Karen R.) because it was difficult for her to get called for interviews.  However, things are still far from perfect.  For example, as Karen says, “when men have strong opinions, or are tough negotiators, they are deemed titans.  If women possess those similar sills, a lot of times, they are considered bitches.” Karen therefore believes that women in business need all the help they can get, and an internet destination which can direct help seekers to the right place can be very useful, hence, CremeMagnolia.  

Karen has a lot planned for CremeMagnolia.  Her second site, crememagnolia.net, will be a portal which is “rich in GOOD resources to accomplish the myriad of business related decisions she makes on a daily basis. ”  The site has partnered with professionals from many different disciplines with the mission “to provide a gateway with relevant and timely business information.”  Eventually, crememagnolia.net will expand to six sites, including a non-profit organization to help women seek capital for their businesses.


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