Prince Edward Island: A Tiny Island with a Huge Heart

Sabrina Ramnanan

PEICoining Prince Edward Island The Gentle Island was no arbitrary decision. This quaint Canadian province can enchant even the most city-frazzled Torontonian. Known for its delicious seafood, Anne of Green Gables, lush green golfing courses, gorgeous beaches and cozy B&Bs, this little island should be on your destination list.

For a real taste of the Maritimes, visit Fisherman’s Wharf Lobster Suppers located in the beautiful village of North Rustico. This salad bar stretches on for 60 ft and offers a fresh, colourful spread of the island’s goodies. You can experience it again and again, because the purchase of a lobster supper grants unlimited access to the salad bar – that means Island Steamed Blue Mussels and seafood chowder galore! The casual restaurant offers a gorgeous view of Rustico Bay, great food, and for you novice seafood eaters, excellent staff who will teach you the delicate art of extracting luscious lobster meat from its imposing red claws. Yum!

Last year, Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables celebrated its 100th anniversary. If you were evercavendish bewitched by the beloved Anne Shirley, then you must make the pilgrimage to Cavendish where Green Gables- the very house that inspired Montgomery’s novel -stands tall amidst gorgeous foliage and a spectacular garden. Tour the house at your own leisure, and then explore Anne’s Haunted Wood and Balsam Hollow. If an afternoon at Green Gables doesn’t help you thoroughly relive the magic of the novel, then a day at Anne’s World is what you need. Step through the front gates right into Anne of Green Gables, as the characters from the story dramatize famous scenes – and interact with you! Anne’s World is a re-creation of Avonlea Village so you can experience life in 1908 right along with our lovable Canadian icon all day long

Prince Edward Island is also an amazing golfing destination. The island boasts of dozens of beautiful green courses that attract golfers from all over the country. If golf is your game, then be sure to check out some of PEI’s golf getaway packages. From couple escapes to ladies retreats, and the option to design your very own golf experience, everyone leaves the courses satisfied – and tanned!

 If you’re planning to visit Prince Edward Island, be prepared to slow down and allow the magic of the island to whisk you away. Lie on the pink and red shores, breathe in the salty air, and imagine (if you dare) life without your Blackberry. I doff my hat at this tiny island with a big heart.

Photo credits: Cape Bear Light House, PEI © Michael Westhoff/iStockphoto (top)

                              Red Sand Dunes in Cavendish East, PEI © Alain Lee/iStockphoto (bottom)