A Road Trip to Port Stanley

Cayley Pozza

roadtripEveryone loves a nice relaxing vacation- but during this crucial stage of ‘penny pinching’, not everyone can afford that ultimate trip to Hawaii. So why not take a summer road trip and explore one of Ontario’s own, the quaint beaches of Port Stanley.

Located on Lake Erie, just outside of St.Thomas, Port Stanley is the perfect destination for your Sunday cruise, or your weekend of fun. Take a walk down the main street and visit some of the galleries, restaurants, and be sure to stop at the famous Broderick’s ice cream shoppe to try their homemade waffle cones!

After spending a day in the sun on the beach, grab some lunch at Mackie’s- it’s well worth the wait! Or head over to GT’s on the Beach for some evening entertainment and a few pitchers of their sangria. Life doesn’t get any better than this! Margaritas anyone?