Julie Daniluk: Health Guru, Television Host, Photographer and more!

Nutritionist Julie Daniluk’s new television show, Healthy Gourmet (premiered on July 4 and airs Saturdays at 7:30 on VIVA (repeats Sundays at the same time)) has always had an interest in health.  Growing up, she had food intolerances, and her mother removed food items with artificial additives from her diet.  This meant that Julie often had to bring her own foods to birthday parties, because she wasn’t able to eat the food served there.  Of course, some people thought she was a little bit weird. 

As a young teen, Julie became rebellious.  She started eating foods that she wasn’t supposed to eat, which of course, made her sick.  By the time she was 16 years old, she went back to her old healthy ways.  Julie’s interest in health eventually led her to nutrition school.  She also studied herbalism at Emmerson Herbal College.  Later, she worked at the Big Carrot, a worker co-op store on the Danforth in Toronto.  The store is very health-focused and does not sell anything made with white, refined sugars, trans-fats or genetically modified ingredients. 

Julie’s latest project is the Healthy Gourmet.  The television show, which airs on VIVA, features Julie and chef Ezra Title, chef and owner of Chezrendezvous Dining.  On the show, Julie and Ezra work together and try to produce healthy, yet delicious dishes.  This, of course, leads to challenges between the hosts.  For example, Julie doesn’t like it when Ezra uses bacon, because it’s nothing but LARD.  There are substitutes, but it isn’t the same thing.  She has also suggested unusual ingredients, such as dandelions.

juliedanilukIn addition to the Healthy Gourmet, Julie has an interest in acting and received training at George Brown.  In addition, she is hardcore environmentalist and sailed on the Rainbow Warrior, a ship run by Greenpeace and stepped in as the ship’s chef when the regular backed out.  It was an interesting experience for Julie as she had to learn how to cook for many different dietary needs and cultures. Julie is also a writer. Her most recent book is called Meals that Heal Inflammation.  Julie also runs a photography business.