Cassandra Bowers: Accounting to Independent Event Planner (CORRECTED PIECE)

cassandrapic2Event planner Cassandra Bowers runs a successful event company, Bowers and Co. Event Management, which launched just a little over a year ago, in May of 2008.  The company focuses primarily on organizing corporate events, including charity events, though it has also planned some personal events such as weddings and retirement parties.  One of Cassandra’s first contracts was to develop an Employee Engagement program for Wrigley Canada.  The program consisted of monthly events and recognition for employees, in an effort to increase company moral and create a positive environment.

Cassandra has long been interested in the field of event planning.  As an undergraduate at the University of Western Ontario, Cassandra was the social convener for her sorority where she organized numerous events and loved every minute of it.  After she graduated, she completed another undergraduate degree in business and went on to work as an Accountant at a Bay St. law firm.  Eventually, she realized that Accounting was not the field for her – it just didn’t match her personality. She got into sales which progressed to marketing and eventually to event management.  Her position prior to launching her company was Director, Marketing & Events for a  National non-profit organization.

While event planning sounds like a glamorous job, it has its challenges.  One of Cassandra’s most challenging events was a three-day Annual General Meeting for an Aboriginal organization. The event was unique in that it was held on Reserve and consisted of a boat cruise along the  St. Lawrence River, a golf tournament, an evening with a renowned hypnotist, a cultural entertainment show, many meals and of course the actual meetings.  There may have been some hurdles along the way, however, everything worked out in the end and it was a successful event.

Because the job is extremely stressful at times, a good work-life balance is necessary.  For Cassandra, this means eating healthy and staying active, she tries to work-out at least four times a week. 

In the future, Cassandra sees herself focusing on business development, with a staff of event planners collaborating with her to produce unforgettable events.  Young people, she believes, always have a fresh perspective.  Does Cassandra have any tips for future event planners?  “Get EXPERIENCE!  The classroom is great for learning the basics, but there’s so much more to learn when you’re actually on the job.  Volunteer for a charity event,  there are so many great organizations looking for your help!”

Webitor’s Note: This piece has been updated from the previous one, posted on July 29 to correct errors, including Ms. Bowers’ job titles.  Prospere Magazine regrets the errors.