All that Hullabaloo with Kids' Parties

Lisa McDonald

 Does the thought of a half dozen kids storming around your house with gooey fingers and buzzing on sugar make your head spin?  Do you dread the upcoming celebrations involving children (IE birthday partys, staff picnics, work family Christmas parties)?  Well help is on the way!  Enter the Hullabaloo Party Planner for Children.  They’ll make your family themed event one to remember.

Michelle Peer and her team have found the need to de-stress those party situations and changed it into a well planned event for the host/hostess.  Michelle has been interviewed by Today’s Parent magazine, CTV and has been a featured vendor at both the Spring and Fall MeFest Celebrations.  How did she make her company successful?  She had this to say…

We all know about wedding planners, team building planners, & event planners, but why choose to be a Children’s Birthday Party Planner?

Balloons and birthday cake – every weekend. Seriously though, I thought I would be good at it. I always went overboard planning my own children’s parties and as they got older, there was no one who needed a party.

 Is there a niche market or is this a public need that you are addressing?

I wished there were more options for my children and their friends. It seemed I was taking them to the same out-of-home party locations year after year and I saw that parents considered this the easiest option.

What information do the families need to provide in order for you to start planning the celebration?

The first order of business is the date. Then the child’s age, gender and possible current hero help us work toward a theme.

Where do the ideas for the parties originate?

Originally I Googled for ideas but as my mind became trained to spot opportunities, I started seeing inspiration everywhere I went. My children have been great at helping me refine the brainstorms into something that was actually do-able.

How much time & effort goes into a themed birthday party?

The first time I do a theme it takes many hours to research and shop. After I have the formula down, it gets much easier.

How to you find these potential clients or how do they find you?

I have a minimal marketing budget which helps me keep my price low. They find me through online searches or word-of-mouth. The latter is snowballing and I gladly reward those who recommend me.

What advice can you give to those starting out in a small business?

Make a business plan, even if you aren’t looking for financing. It helps you see if your idea is feasible. There are business plan templates online. I would also suggest taking advantage of social media such as Facebook and Twitter. People can easily spread the word about you through them.

What have you learned from the time you began Hullabaloo up to now?

I’ve learned the value of networking. In my other life as a Senior Consultant, I didn’t need to network – there were others responsible for the sales and marketing side of things. Now I see it up front and personally – put yourself out there and you will be amazed at the results. I’ve also learned not to take for granted the skills that I have and to assign a proper value to them.


Michelle has also added a new member to her team Balooberry the Hippo, the Hullabaloo Mascot.  He will appear at the Hullabaloo Parties/Events as well.

 Have you decided it’s time to get the party started?  Well be sure to contact Michelle and the Hullabaloo team at the info below.


Michelle Peer. Owner | Hullabaloo Party Planner for Children |  519-897-HULL (4855)


  1. Many thanks to Prospere Magazine and most especially to Lisa who pushes me out of my comfort zone again and again as I pursue my dream. Great job!