“Petite” Contestants Hit Next Top Model

This cycle of America’s Next Top Model features contestants 5’7″ or shorter.  In the modelling industry, unlike the rest of the world, “petite” is 5’7″ or shorter (opposed to 5’4″ or shorter). Since most of the contestants are between 5’5″ and 5’7″, as a petite woman, I would call them “average height” opposed to “petite.”  There are only two truly petite contestants – Sundai (5’3″) and Courtney (5’4″).  However, it isn’t the “real world” we’re talking about.  It’s modelling. But anyway, I am glad that they’re looking at women who aren’t amazon-height for a change.  As petite model, Isobella Jade says, short people CAN model – modelling is more than the runway, after all.  

Since the women are, for the most part, average height, it’s very unlikely that they’re going to do a feature regular size vs. petite size fitting issues.  I really doubt they’re even going to touch on the fact that petite sizes exist. Too bad.  I’d love to see some petite-focused designers (rather than off-shoots of regular lines), many of which have been featured on this very site, get bigger press on international television.  I have heard many people in the fashion industry dismiss the need for these designers – often by telling me that “things never fit people properly” or that you could “always get alterations.”  (Alterations are probably necessary for a lot of people anyway, but having petite sizes designed by people who truly understand the petite body means that there’ll be FEWER or LESS EXPENSIVE alterations.) Of course, I may be completely wrong, and the show could very well end up featuring something along this extent, but it’s highly unlikely.  Especially when there are contestants who’re 5’7″.  Wouldn’t they find the 30″ or even 31″ inseams a little long?

Of course, I shouldn’t be judging the show and how Tyra and her people handle these average…er…short women.  After all, we have only seen two hours of this cycle.  I am glad that they’re featuring women who’re not what the general public typically consider “model type” even if the women are average height rather than truly short. Maybe they’ll do a “plus” cycle soon.