Philanthropy, Celebrity Gifts and the TIFF Media Lounge

Cynthia Cheng

Celebrity Gifting Lounge

Located at the Windsor Arms Hotel, year’s celebrity gifting suite is not like its predecessors.  For the first time ever, each and every one of the vendors are contributing to a charity, with kids-related programs being the most popular.  Several are, for example, giving to Camp Oochigeas, a summer camp for kids with cancer. Girls on the Run, an organization which provides character development and self-esteem programs for elementary and middle-school aged girls.

Brands in this year’s suite include major names like Richart, Kiehl’s, Fila and Sharpie.  Smaller brands also participated. One of the most interesting is Penny’s Protein Plan, run by Toronto-area naturopathic doctor, Penny Kendall-Reid.  This consists of high protein snacks in the form of a square or muffin which satisfies hunger, yet not make someone feel guilty due to carbs.  In fact, one square is the equivalent of 2/3 of a chicken breast! Penny’s Protein Plan was not the only health-related vendor at the lounge.  So U! nutritional supplements, based out of Quebec, was also in attendance. These viles of vitamin and herbal cocktails can be mixed with water or juice, or taken alone, and boost energy, improve concentration and more. It is definitely something which can be put to good use during TIFF, with all the parties and screenings!

Media Lounge:

The media room is just outside of the celebrity gifting suite.  With computers, plush seats as well as a candy and martini bar, it was a nice place for those working to crash.  The room was furnished with by Casalife and featured Macs for people to upload pictures. There was also a martini bar featuring drinks named after actresses and a candy bar filled with different kinds of sweets. While it isn’t huge, it is definitely a good place to relax between screenings.


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