Laura Vandervoort: How My Girl influenced her career

lauravandervoortCanadian actor, Laura Vandervoort has been acting since she was 13 years old.  Born in Toronto, Laura was bitten by the acting bug when she saw the early 1990s movie, My Girl.  Laura has since worked on a variety of projects, including Goosebumps, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Instant Star as well as Smallville (one of her favourite projects).  One of her latest completed projects is a film called The Jazzman, which recently premiered at the Montreal World Film Festival. The drama was inspired by the world famous jazz musician Moe Koffman, written and directed by his grandson Josh Koffman. The Jazzman is about the life and struggles of musician, John Kadley.  The movie stars Corey Sevier, with Laura playing his girlfriend ‘Sara.’  The film also stars Michael Ironside. 

Laura is currently working out of Vancouver, British Columbia, on a television series, called V.  This is a remake of an old cult classic series titled V from the 80s about reptile-like aliens taking over the earth. Laura plays an enticing reptile visitor named Lisa on the show.  Another project Laura has recently completed is Riverworld, a sci-fi mini-series directed by Stuart Gillard and based on the Phillip Farmer novels.

Following this, Laura remained in Vancouver to shoot a gritty film titled Damage. Directed by Jeff King , also starring Steve Austin and Walton Goggins. The role of ‘Frankie’ required Laura to transform her look. Dying her hair black and sporting a few tattoos. Damage depicts the world of brutal underground illegal street fighting. Due out in theatres this year.

Laura said, “Show business is very challenging.  Being a woman, there is certainly a lack of good, strong roles.” Laura has indicated that she’s interested in starting her own production company someday, similar to that of Drew Barrymore.  That way, she would have more control over the types of roles she (and perhaps other women) get. Currently she has a few scripts ideas on the go while collaborating with newcomer screenplay writer and friend Kyle Sevier. However, funding is always an issue.

When asked what kind of mistakes young people in the business can make, Laura mentioned that often times a big mistake is becoming a part of the party scene.  Laura comments, ” There’s a lot of loneliness in this business, whether it is the travelling or being by oneself in a hotel room.  Falling into the bottomless pit of bars, clubs, alcohol and drugs unfortunately isn’t difficult for young actors and musicians. It’s there wherever they are in the world, sometimes an only comfort. They find themselves with money, lack of much direction from a role model and lack of companionship. You need to have something else that you enjoy doing to keep sane. A hobby. I recently took up photography! ” 

Look for her mini-series Riverworld this year as well as Laura’s film Damage this year in theatres and her new television series, V this November on ABC.

Photo Credit: John Bregar