Christa Chambers-Price Helps Innovate and Develop Careers

Ann Arbor, Michigan’s Christa Chambers-Price is the managing director of and its parent company, Chrysalis Interactive, both companies, both which help people develop their businesses. focuses on developing careers through coaching, mentoring and leadership.  They even have an upcoming event which helps participants find new jobs or career paths.  Called The Reinvention Project, this is a three day “career boot camp” is designed to help people find new positions, a career change or maybe even start a new business.   Parent company Chrysalis Interactive, focuses more on marketing – they provide seminars on social media support, event promotion/registration and web development.  

Christa is multi-talented and her background and experiences have made her uniquely qualified to run these businesses. She knows what she wants, and stops at nothing to get to her goal. For example, she is an accomplished violist.  She had the opportunity to study under a Julliard-trained violist one summer and this led to a solo opportunity.  Unfortunately, the concert clashed with a very important family event and this meant that Christa had to make a very difficult choice – either to perform or to attend said event.  Her ultimate decision to play at the concert upset her family, but she realized an opportunity of a life time. Christa says that “sometimes, you have to go against the people you love to achieve a goal.” Like most other businesses, her companies have been affected by the current economy. The recession has forced Christa to continue to be more innovative and strategic, but she knows that the situation is temporary.

Christa on challenges she has faced over the past few years:

Chrysalis Interactive has been fortunate to have had a steady stream of income since we started., on the other hand, has experienced all of the joys and pains of a start up. was built as an e-learning extension for the Chrysalis Interactive consultants. It is completely self-funded and has experienced everything from delays, cash-flow problems, replacing tech teams in mid-stream, and determining the best way to market and promote the project.

On what makes her business stand out from other similar organizations: is managed, run and produced mainly by women. Women have always been cutting edge of such designs and continue to be at the forefront as both consumers and creators in the Web 2.0 era. KnowledgeCrush brings both that design and context for productivity for organizations to produce cutting edge results inside of a company’s core values.

On her work-life balance:

This is an area I’m constantly working to improve. I LOVE what I do. I have a PASSION for what I do. I also, however, know that I have to make time for others. A rule that allows me to bring balance into my business and personal life is committing to not working over the weekend. I used to be someone who worked seven days a week. What was quickly revealed to me (but ignored, in the past) was that lifestyle just isn’t sustainable. Plus, having the 2.5 days off is necessary to maintain my full schedule during the week.

On where she sees herself and her organization in five to 10 years:

I see being an active, online, international hub for people who want to be connected to the materials they need in order to make a difference in the world.  Knowledgecrush works across the country already. One of our goals is to establish a relationship with organizations in other countries with the ultimate goal of selling our platform in seven years.