FastLane Does Fashion on Bloor Street

Cynthia Cheng

CityEvents and Gathering Events Planning’s FastLane, one of Toronto’s premier networking parties held its September event at the Proof Bar last week.  This month’s theme was fashion, and featured beauty and clothing-related vendors.  This included James VII, a company which makes custom-designed dress shirts (Prospere Magazine has profiled them in the past), as well as labl, another custom design company and May Nguyen, who does make-up and hair.  Another vendor was wedding and event director, Jessie Yam of Impression Events.  One of the most interesting vendors was Mister Bowtie, a company which produces ties in a wide array of colours (the ties are also double-sided). Zaimoon which produces fashion bra straps was also there.

This month’s event included speed networking.  Like speed dating, speed networking involves a speaking with people for a few minutes to learn about their business and what they may need help with.  One side stays in the same seat throughout the event while the other moves from person to person. Participation this session was a little low compared to other months – FastLane often has two sessions per event, while they only had one this time around. Perhaps there were too many frequent attendees – most have already spoken with each other at least once. 

Refreshment-wise, some of the food available was not that great.  The cheese was very thinly sliced, and resembled (and tasted) like processed cheese diners use for sandwiches. A stark difference from the August event in the business district. However, this was not supposed to be a dinner party, so food isn’t a central focus.

Despite the poor appetizers, the event was a great opportunity for new business opportunities for many.  The next FastLane event will be on Tuesday, November 10, 2009.  Stay tuned for venue information.