Susan Newman and Mary Jo Rhodes: Creators and Environmental Activists

Susan Newman is both a graphic designer and environmental activist.  A graduate of the School of Visual Arts, she worked for many New York based publishers, including Macmillan and Penguin.  In the mid-1990s, Susan launched her own design firm, Susan Newman Design, Inc.  Her clients ranged from individuals to small businesses and even multinational firms.  Susan has been given numerous awards from a variety of organizations, including the Art Directors Club of New York, Graphis and the Society of Illustrators.

Mary Jo Rhodes is a nature books writer. She has co-written several books, including Sea Turtles, Seahorses and Sea Dragons as well as other books in the Undersea Encounters series.  She also maintains a blog called Over Land and Under Sea, which discusses enviromental issues relating to undersea animals. Mary Jo is an alumna of Denision University.

Earlier this year, Susan started Frogs are Green with Mary Jo.  The organization makes people aware of the massive amphibian decline and does so through the Internet.  In addition to their website, they are also on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.  They are also planning on working with schools to get teachers to teach an art or science lesson relating to frogs and have the students end in their work to post on the site. Frogs are Green recently ran a photo contest and the winner was announced on September 15.  The winner’s photo can be found on the right side bar of the Frogs are Green website. The site is managed in blog format, and updated once or twice each week. The site is promoted beyond social media, ranging from becoming invovled with artist communities and attending networking events armed with cards

So what’s in store for Frogs are Green in the future?  First off, they’re looking for animators and voice over artists to help create videos for their blog and for YouTube.  They’d also like to get a scientist to guest blog on their site.  Finally, in addition to the t-shirts sold online, they’re also going to be designing and selling reusuable bags. Stay tuned!