Majken Polsen: Personal Trainer and Model

majken-50Born and raised in Denmark, Majken Polsen, a model and personal trainer, arrived in California as a 19 year old after graduating from business college.  She did not intend to stay – it was meant to be a vacation/learning experience where she could “find herself.”  Sixteen years later, Majken is still here.

Majken has always been interested in sports.  As a child, she was involved in gymnastics, where she toured across Europe.  At the age of 10, she started running, at first, for only 10-15 minutes daily.  As an adult, Majken started taking weight training seriously.  She started competing in amateur bodybuilding competitions and placed in the top three several times.  However, Majken wanted more.  She wanted to share her experience with other people.   She became a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT).

In addition to being a personal trainer, Majken has also modelled.  This was very different from body building  since it requires a very different appearance.  Due to her athletic figure, her agency banned her from all sports since fashion and non-sports lifestyle requires a softer appearance.  Though she achieved this look and was booked for many jobs, it became increasingly difficult to maintain the look as she reached her 30s.  Incidently, while at an audition, Majken discovered stuntwork – it was an area where she could use her athletic abilities in ways other than body building or training.  She spoke to her agency about the possibility and they put her in contact with someone in the business.  After six months of training, she landed her first stunt job.  This led to other jobs in ads, television shows (including CSI: Miami, House and Charmed).

Today, in addition to acting, modelling and body building, Majken still works as a personal trainer.  Currently, her client list includes people in need of rehab, athletes, the elderly (including those 80+) and people looking to lose weight.  However, Majken’s stuntwork has been put aside until joint issues are resolved.  In addition, Majken is always looking to  “broaden [her]  horizon and start new things and ventures, and to that [she] can add, that quite a few things are brewing these days!”


    Majken 🙂