Keep Your Wrist Vibrating with inPulse

Cynthia Cheng


A new Blackberry accessory will be entering the market in early 2010.  Created by Eric Muguowski, an alumnus of the University of Waterloo in Ontario (and home of Research in Motion) under the company, Allerta, this bluetooth watch connects with one’s Blackberry so that wearers can see who has emailed or texted them without the need to fumble for the device.   It allows people to check text-related messages from their Blackberries such as e-mail, SMS, Blackberry messenger and Twitter as well as caller-ID.  The device, however, is not a phone and Facebook is currently not available.

Eric got the idea of creating such a device while studying abroad in the Netherlands.  Cycling is very popular there and people are often losing their phones while trying to multitask.  Therefore, he wanted to create a device where people can screen their calls so they can make a decision as to whether the call is important. When he came home, he and several of his classmates started to develop a prototype of such a device.  In late 2008, Allerta was formed, and just a year later, they announced its first device, inPulse.

InPulse is especially good for women.  We generally keep our Blackberries in our purses rather than at our hip, meaning that we have more missed calls and messages.  This new device will surely help us cutting down missed calls.  A slight negative is the size of the device – the face measures 51mm (2 inches) height x 38mm (1.5 inches) in width x 12mm (0.5 inches) depth.  Allerta is currently working with fashion designers to create something more fashionable.  Perhaps we will be seeing necklaces, bracelets as well as watches in a smaller size. Of course, the screen will need to be big enough so that people can at least see who the sender or caller is.  One down side to the device is that like your phone, it needs to be re-charged from time to time, with the same charger as your Blackberry.  You will also need to download an application in order to get inPulse to work.  InPulse is currently available for pre-order online at $149.