Mad Men: A New Beginning? (SPOILER ALERT!)

Cynthia Cheng

The third season finale of Mad Men was definitely a great way to end the year.  It’s like a close of something old, and an opening of something new.  The timeline is December, 1963, just weeks after JFK’s death, and we are finding that Sterling Cooper and its parent company, PPL, are being sold.  Not wanting to be working for other people, Don, Roger, Bert and Lane get a fresh start with a new agency, called Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.  The entire episode played very much like a heist movie, complete with breaking into the office over a weekend and taking files and moving them into their new, temporary office at a hotel.  It was great to see the shock on those who remained the following Monday morning.  It was even better to see Lane Pryce’s phone conversation with the British office, where he was fired…happy Christmas indeed!

Many people see 1963 as the end of the old.  The Sterling Cooper audiences saw in the first three seasons was very old-world.  They were conservative.  They didn’t seem to understand that the world was changing.  On the other hand, this new company, starting in a new era, will be appealing to the new, young generation which will be awakened in just a matter of months. The Beatles make their US debut on the Ed Sullivan Show on February 9, 1964.

So what does this mean?  While we will have to wait until next summer to find out, we can start making our predictions now.  What would you like to see happen on the show?  Do you think there’ll be massive changes, now that the company is starting fresh?  I, for one, believe that there’ll be a lot of changes ahead for season 4.  It may very well skip a few years, when the company will have new digs.   It’s no fun to have an office in a hotel room!