FastLane Goes High Tech!

Cynthia Cheng


FastLane had its recent networking event at Woo, an Asian buffet restaurant right in the heart of the city. Featured at the event was the return of HiTech Tattoos, previously a regular fix at FastLane.  As usual, they were there to personalize people’s mp3 players and phones.  With the theme being technology, there were presentations from other companies, including ILane, which produces a GPS-sized bluetooth device which reads out emails from one’s smartphone.  More novelty gadgets were there as well – things one might see on infomercials.


Though Woo  itself was quite nice, the space used for the party was a little on the small side.  Two spaces were set aside for the event, but there was very little room to truly mingle around without bumping into other guests – past venues, especially the Spoke Club, have been much roomier.  The line with people waiting to get their phones done by Hi Tech Tattoos didn’t help the space issue either.  However, this isn’t to say that the event was awful.  Nibblies that included steamed buns were definitely a welcome change from many of FastLane’s previous events of bread and humuus. 

The event held at Woo was the last FastLane event of 2009.  For information on FastLane events in 2010, please check the Toronto City Events or Gatherings Events Planning websites.


  1. This was an amazing event. Looking forward to future FastLane parties in 2010!