Leah Oviedo Helps Women Entrepreneurs

San Diego-based entrepreneur, Leah Oviedo started working independently a few years ago.  Having a background in both business and fashion (she double majored in accounting and fashion design in college) and having worked in her family’s Colorado retreat and conference centre, she first launched Mercado del Mundo in 2005.  This boutique supported artists and designers by selling their work, which included jewellery, art and clothing, online.

In 2008, Leah started a blog with a few pages of business resources that celebrated women, which eventually became Investing in Women.  By February of 2009, the site expanded to include more resources as well as a grant program.  Inspired by her mother, who believed that women should be financially independent, the purpose of the site is to “empower women through education and appreciation” by providing them with resources on making their businesses successful.  They can range from networking opportunities to services such as web hosting and virtual assistants. Investing in Women also lists networking opportunities as well as business-related articles.

Investing in Women lists grants 13 grants which help women entrepreneurs in the United States. These grants range from industry or geographic-specific ones to grants which are open to all women in the US.  In addition, they recently awarded their first microgrant of $500 to Tanisha Cunningham of New Jersey.

Investing in Women is a membership organization and the cost to become a member is $69.


  1. Investing in Women has now opened up more micro grants. Such a great organization giving to women who show a real promise for success in their futures.