A Custom Made Labl

Trained in fashion in Portugal, Elizabeth Olivera’s old world influences are clearly seen in her style.   Upon coming home to Canada, she worked for some time at a studio, with positions including design assistant and PR representative. In 2002, she launched Labl, a custom-design clothing company.


Labl’s clothes are based on a client’s personality.  This is not an “order from a catalogue in my size” custom company.  Prospective clients meet with Elizabeth to decide on style, material and sizing.  Clothing can range from formal, eveningwear to workwear.  In addition, Labl offers two other services – alterations as well as a limited number of pieces from a seasonal collection, bridal and accessories.  For fall 2009, Elizabeth had a line of “sockies,” (see above) which are boot-like socks “for your rain boots to keep your toes toastie, well into winter.”


Many of Elizabeth’s clients get custom clothing due to the difficulty of finding proper fit in regular stores.  Especially for women (which make up the majority of Elizabeth’s clients), mass-produced clothing stores don’t necessarily fit them.  In addition, many women are frustrated in terms of sizing.  If they are a size 12 for one label, they might be a 14 for another.  There is no real “standard” for women’s clothing.  In addition, some sizing charts lie.  However, because Elizabeth’s clothes are custom and made-to-measure, they will always fit very well. 

To set up a consultation with Elizabeth, please contact her.


  1. It is always a pleasure to share my work with other entrepreneurs. It was lovely meeting you and I will be available to answer any questions your readers may have.

    Great talking to you,

    Elizabeth Oliveira