Prospere Magazine and Isobella Jade on the Bella Petite Hour!

Last week, Prospere Magazine and working petite model, Isobella Jade took part in the Bella Petite Hour, hosted by Bella Petite Magazine editor, Ann Lauren.  This weekly show where Ann talks to people ranging from designers who focus on petites to petite women who are in the public eye and more, brings to the public, petite-related issues.  Body image, after all, is not only about plus-sizes, but everything that doesn’t fit the “idealized norm” – tall and slender.  Unlike being plus-sized, petite women are more visible in the media, yet they never talk about their issues (perhaps because they aren’t allowed/supposed to).  Others who have participated on the Bella Petite Hour include designers Allison Izu, TLe and Elizabeth Dutra as well as style experts and more.  The Bella Petite Hour airs weekly on Tuesdays at 1 PM eastern time (10 am pacific).