Periwinkle on Bloor Great for Unique Holiday Gifts

periwinkle1 periwinkle2

periwinkle3 periwinkle4

Various vendors at Periwinkle on Bloor

Periwinkle on Bloor, a store which allows artists and designers to rent cubbies to sell their product, recently opened on Bloor, near High Park.  Managed by Cindy Yong, this type of boutique is fairly common in Asia, though unlike Periwinkle on BLoor, products tend to be locked behind glass.  Periwinkle on Bloor, on the other hand, allows shoppers to touch products.  This is a great place to look for hard-to-find holiday gifts!

Products sold at the store include jewellery, art, stationery as well as clothing.  Almost all brands sold at the store are local and include Cookie & Joe, Cupcake, A.B.T.F. and more.  Periwinkle on Bloor is located at 2137 Bloor Street West.


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