Travel: Hong Kong Series

Cynthia Cheng

hong kong picture

Hong Kong Harbour in the evening.  Picture © YTWong/istockphoto

Prospere Magazine will be writing a series of articles about Hong Kong starting Saturday, December 19.  Hong Kong, a Special Administrative Region of China, reverted back to Chinese rule in 1997 after 99 years as a British Colony.  As a result of colonialism, the culture in Hong Kong is a hybrid of east and west.  The region even has its own cuisine and national drinks, such as Hong Kong tea (very strong black tea, mixed with evaporated milk and sugar), yin yang (strong coffee and Hong Kong tea) as well as the vast variety of Hong Kong style pastries one finds at bakeries and Hong Kong-style diners.  Of course, there’s shopping, other types of restaurants, ranging from fine dining  to major chains such as Starbucks, McDonalds and KFC as well as many historical sites to visit as well.  More recently, Hong Kong opened its own Disney themepark. 

Prospere Magazine is looking forward to writing about the region, as well as enjoying nicer weather.  Late December weather in Hong Kong tends to be around 20 C (68 F), compared to the freezing or close-to-freezing weather in Toronto.