The Peak: A Gorgeous View High Up in Hong Kong

 Home to Hong Kong’s old society, complete with a gorgeous, high-up view of the region, The Peak (more formally known as Victoria Peak or Mount Austin), until the middle of the twentieth century, restricted only to the expat communities from Britain.  Things, of course, have since changed, and today, not only are home owners locals, but The Peak is a prime spot for both tourists and Hong Kongers alike. 

A view of Hong Kong taken from the Hong Kong Trail

There are several ways to get to The Peak.  One is, of course, by taxi.  Another is by tram.  The tram stop is located in the Central district of Hong Kong near St. John’s Cathedral.  This lower terminus for the tram is also home to the  Peak Tram Historical Gallery, a time capsule of sorts, detailing the history of Hong Kong in the 19th and 20th centuries.

There is a great deal to do once up at The Peak.  You can take a stroll around Hong Kong Trail, a nature trail which many locals use as a fitness trail (they even have stops with signs with instructions to do various excercises such as lunges scattered throughout the trail).  Hong Kong Trail also gives walkers a gorgeous view of Hong Kong, Kowloon and surrounding regions.  If you are hungry, there are tons of restaurants.  If you are looking for a variety of different cuisines, there’s The Peak Lookout.  Housed in a more traditional building, the menu reads like the United Nations, offering pastas, grill, Chinese dishes like Hoi Nan chicken and rice as well as curries and tandoori.  Other places to eat include Spaghetti 360 (pastas here come in a wide variety of sauces besides the standard tomato, meat and pesto), Cafe Deco (they have a huge dessert menu), as well as internationally known fast food joints like Burger King and McDonald’s. One very interesting restaurant had a huge menu of baked potato pockets with very interesting toppings.

Looking to shop?  The Peak has a variety of stores, including gift shops as well as clothing stores.  You might even find an open market, with vendors selling handmade crafts or other hard-to-find and unusual items.  The Peak is also home to Hong Kong’s Madame Tousaud’s.

With its history and gorgeous view, The Peak is definitely a must-go for tourists to Hong Kong.