e-Art in the Park

Social networking has changed how people today gather.  Historically, parks were places where people met to socialize.  Today, we have the world of the Internet.  The media arts students at the City University of Hong Kong currently have an art display throughout the park integrating video, animation, Internet art, performance and more, allowing visitors to use all their senses to explore.  One of the most interesting exhibits, called E-Park, utilizes and parodies familiar computer and social networking tools.   For many people today, the first thing people think about when they hear the word “park,” is a car park, not an open space for people to gather.  Gathering for many youth revolves around phones and computers.  The exhibit serves as a reminder that parks can also be a place for people to meet face-to-face and chat.  Of note is the chess board parody of the Internet site, del.icio.us.

For more information about E-Park, please visit its website. E-Park is part of the Budding Winter exhibit, which goes on until Jaunary 31, 2010.