Peak Historical Gallery and Tram Video

Until the 1880s, the only way to get up to the Peak was by sedan chair.  The tram, which took three years to build, finally opened in 1888 and ran on steam engine.  In the 1920s, it was replaced by electricity.  Originally used to take British expats to their homes, today, the tram carries over 11,000 people every day.  The ride, which is extremely steep, runs backwards when going leaving the Peak.

The Peak tram lower terminus near St. John’s Cathedral is also home to the Peak Hong Kong Historical Gallery, which takes one back in time to Hong Kong’s history starting from the 19th century, before the tram was built. The exhibit also includes a display of movies which take place in Hong Kong, such as Love is a Many-Splendored Thing.  Other exhibits include a first generation tram car as well as period costume and life before the tram.