Lucky Lady Bra Straps: Seen and Bead Seen!

Founding Lucky Lady Bra Straps, a line of fashionable bra straps meant to be seen was not something Ruth Davis of Scottsdale, Arizona had originally planned to do.  After searching for a “regular” job for a year (Ruth’s Plan A), she decided to pursue Plan B – designing fashion bra straps. Ruth had created a few for herself a few years before – these were a must for her as it wasn’t an option to wear strapless bras or go braless.  These straps, unlike traditional bra straps, are meant to be seen.  Thus, Ruth got a lot of compliments, not only from her friends, but from women around Scottsdale as well. 

Founder, Ruth Davis wearing a black Lucky Lady Bra Strap

Lucky Lady Bra Straps are beaded straps which come in a vast array of colours, including black, red, blue and clear.  Lucky Lady Bra Straps are compatible with any multi-way or convertible bra (ones with removable straps), which can be purchased at department or lingerie stores.  Lucky Lady Bra Straps also has a bra adapter, which must be purchased in order to wear the bra straps.  All you need to do is hook up the beaded straps to the extenders and you are set.  Since you want to show off your straps, why not wear an off-the-shoulder top or a one shoulder dress?

Currently, Lucky Lady Bra Straps are available for purchase online at $38 US.  Extenders are $9.97.


  1. Fabulous idea!!