Win a Competition with Josh Duhamel and Drambuie

Robert Haynes-Peterson

Canadians are being called up on from across the land to participate in the 2010 Drambuie Pursuit, and epic outdoor adventure challenge taking place in the Scottish Highlands. Even better, if you’re selected as a “modern day rebel,” you’ll batter actor Josh Duhamel and his team Josh, racing speedboats, white water rafts, dune buggies and more.

Duhamel played actor-hunk Ted Hamilton in Win a Date with Ted Hamilton and true-believin’ Major Lennox in Transformers: Rise of the Fallen. Coming up, he teams with the charming Katherine Heigl in Life As We Know It, and Katie Holmes and Anna Paquin for The Romantics. For the Drambuie Pursuit, sponsored by the honey- and herb-infused blended scotch label supposedly created for the Bonnie Prince, Duhamel will get just as grimy, bruised and exhausted as you during the rugged 100-mile race retracing the 1745 journey of Scotland rebel Bonnie Prince Charlie. The annual competition pits teams from around the globe, including one team from Canada.

As a captain for Team Josh and a celebrity participant, Duhamel has gotten involved in the hunt for “worthy” Canadian contenders.

“The Drambuie Pursuit will be the experience and challenge of a lifetime,” says Duhamel. “This is something I never dreamed I’d get to do. I’m looking for worthy competitors who really capture the rebellious and passionate spirit of Bonnie Prince Charlie.”

The U.S. team has already been assembled, so it’s up to you, Canada! For rules and information, visit

 Image of Josh Duhamel is courtesy of A-List Communications