T Spot at the Bay, Queen Street

Cynthia Cheng

When most people my age think of dining at the Bay, they think Arcadian Court, probably because they had their prom there.  But down in the lower level of the store, tucked behind the appliances section is the T Spot and Great Cooks (The Bay, Queen Street has another Great Cooks on the eighth floor, kitty corner to the Arcadian Court.  However, the location downstairs is much better.).  Serving a wide variety of teas, in addition to meals, the place is a great quiet spot to grab lunch on a busy shopping day.

The food at T Spot is really good, considering that it has been prepared in advance and heated up. At a recent trip, I had salmon with a Bisquick and wassam tea crust and came with a side of mixed greens.  To drink?  A sweet, fruity ice tea. Though the tea was pretty good, and not as sweet as commercial products, the presentation of the tea could be better.  It was served in a disposable cup with a lid, rather than a glass one can clean (though every thing else was served in proper plates).   Not only could they be greener by serving the tea in a glass, but disposable cups cheapen the restaurant – meals are priced at sit-down restaurant range, not fast food.  T Spot is meant to be a semi-fast food place, one which only uses disposable cups and dishes for take-out. 

Despite the disposable cups, the location is nice and quiet.  If you need a break from shopping, this is a great place to relax.