Introducing…..the iPad!

Cynthia Cheng

It’s real!  Apple has announced the 1.5 lb  iPad (seriously??  couldn’t they have thought of a better name?), their tablet computer.  It is small – 9.7″ and looks like a gigantic version of the iTouch/iPhone, where the keyboard is directly on the screen.  In addition, it comes in three versions – 16, 32 or 64 GB of RAM.  The iPad allows users to browse the web, watch videos, and is also integrated with iTunes, which means you can download music, movies and TV shows directly to the device.   Of course, you can also view images by sliding through images, just like smaller Apple devices currently available.

Other info: you can download third party apps from the App Store; 10 hours of battery life; wireless and bluetooth equipped.

Criticism from Cynthia at Prospere Magazine: The keyboard is directly on the screen, which can be difficult to use.  When you have a smaller device like an iPhone, all you have to do is place the device on your palm and type away.   Sure, Steve Jobs says that it’s “a dream to type on,” but it might may be a transition for those of us who were taught to type the traditional way – unless you buy a keyboard that you can attach the iPad to.  There is no mouse, however.  You tap or sweep the screen to open icons.

The iPad will be available in late March at a cost of $499 US for the 16 GB device.

image from Gizmodo website


  1. iPad??!!! Can’t wait for those period jokes to begin!

  2. @Jenn: Yeah, I know. I bet there weren’t any women on the planning/marketing team! I love the device, but I don’t like the name…at all. I wonder if criticism will lead to Apple changing the name right before launch. Doubt it, though.

    What do other people think?