TTC Apologizes, but it's NOT ENOUGH!

Cynthia Cheng

According to the Toronto Star, the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) is apologizing for the so-called “missteps” of the past little while.  They are apparently going to increase the number of fare machines, improve customer service, install better microphones at fare booths among other things (including overhauling and retraining staff – training is definitely needed, especially in the manners category). 

This is, in our opinion, not enough.  The TTC really needs to bring themselves to the 21st century.  I have a feeling that the TTC really does NOT want our city to be polished and sophisticated (yes, a term that I use over and over again), considering that it took them so long to even issue the apology (and only after too many people complained).  As a Toronto-based blog, Prospere Magazine is VERY CRITICAL of the transportation system.  The system can be better than it currently is, so being critical about services is important. Some notes include:

  • Transit City: Do we really need that many routes NORTH OF BLOOR? Honestly, it was very surprising to people that there was no downtown line when they announced it.  I hope the TTC realizes that Transit City will dump more people onto Bloor and St. George stations.
  • PA announcements on the subway about train/station statuses: The PA  system at my elementary school, circa 1986 was clearer than what we get on the trains. 
  • Presto Farecards: Why the slow roll out? We KNOW it works, so get on it! All the other GTA systems already had plans in place long before you decided to join in (because you were basically forced)
  • Fare vending machines: Why are Metropass machines the only ones which take debit cards?  Why can’t I do that for tokens?  What year is it again?
  • Arrival times via texting: Just the streetcars isn’t enough.  What about buses?  And the subway (of course, we need cell phone reception in order to do this)?
  • 24/7 Customer service/complaints line: We certainly hope that you’re actually going to listen, rather than just take down our complaints, then do nothing about it.
  • Retraining Staff:  I hope this includes seminars on how to be courteous (and how not to fall asleep in the collector booth)! I realize that these people are stressed out – so am I – but, please, learn how to control your attitude!
  • Station washrooms:  OK, they’re absolutely GROSS right now.  You can smell the stink many metres away at times.

Readers, what would you like to see?  Please feel free to post your own comments!


  1. re: GROSS washrooms


    I, unfortunately, needed to relieve myself while at Kipling Station during the summer and the SMELL of said washroom reached, without a word of a lie, HALFWAY down the station. I’d estimate about 150meters away from washroom door, and its smell was clearly detectable.