Bella Petite Magazine Announces Petite Model Search

Cynthia Cheng

Ann Lauren’s Bella Petite Magazine, a lifestyle and fashion publication which targets women 5’5″ or shorter is currently holding a petite model search for women under said height.  Yes, you read correctly.  Unlike the recent cycle of America’s Next Top Model, Bella Petite is looking for truly petite women.  There will be no “fake” petites (i.e. 5’6″ and 5’7″) for this magazine.  After all, lying is bad, right?

Bella Petite believes that since media have paid a great deal of attention to “curvier” women as of late, why not shorter women?  Featuring only designers who focus on petites, have petite lines and/or are petite friendly, the publication surely will change the way the media, fashion industry and even the general public view the shorter woman.  So finally, there will be a magazine for petite women, feturing petite women.

The search is open to women all over the world under 5’5″ and over the age of 16 (no upper limit in age, though girls under 18 will require a parent or guardian’s signature on a release form should they be chosen).  The deadline to enter is February 28, 2010.  For more information about this, please visit Bella Petite Magazine.


  1. It is finally recognized that petite women are so specific. We are our own category, and must be cohesive in this conviction, that we do belong in the world of fashion! Petite women can be just as photogenic and beautiful as the full figured women or the stereo typical model. I am 52 years old and have always wanted to see “Petites”on the runway. I am proud to be a petite and so happy about this new magazine for all petite women!

    Margaret Mary Petrozzo