Estée Lauder Puts Women's Best Faces Forward!


Estée Lauder is hosting a series of social networking related events across the country, with the most recent one held in Toronto at the Holt Renfrew store on Bloor Street.  Participants get a complete make-over by a make-up artist, and then a professional photographer will take their picture for uploading on social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  When we I was there this past Friday, the event was packed.  I was booked in for 3:30 pm, but had to wait for 10 minutes before an artist was able to see me.  The shoot afterwards was very quick – only two poses were taken by the photographer.  The image wasn’t ready for upload immediately – they Photoshop it for you before emailing it a day later.  You could also have a hardcopy of the image should you choose to.  That picture is available the same day (strange – they should allow you to upload the picture yourself.  The hardcopy looked edited, which means that the file should be ready).

Though the event at Holt Renfrew has now ended, Estée has plans to be in other stores in a various parts of Canada in the spring, including Calgary, Ottawa, Vancouver and Montreal.  There will also be a return to several department stores in Toronto.  Chatelaine magazine has a list of event dates, so be sure to check them out.