Get Luscious, Red, Vixeny Lips for Valentine's Day!

Michelle Greenberg

Valentine’s Day is the day of red: red roses, red cinnamon hearts and red shoes. So why not try out one of this year’s trends? Currently, the fashion magazines are displaying far more vibrant (and often colourful) make-up. Red lips are a classic take on the trend and a great way to change up your style for a romantic look this Valentine’s Day.

It’s easy to get perfectly red lips. It’s all about getting the right colour. I prefer to mix two shades to get it just right.

  1. Start with properly moisturized lips. Lipstick goes on smoother when the surface is smooth, so apply a layer of your favourite lip balm. Just don’t put on too much. Let it absorb. 

  3. Lip liner is the most important step. It’s much easier to colour in the lines and with a bright or dark colour, you will see mistakes much more easily. Use a liner that is close to that of the lipstick, or close to your natural lip colour. You should never be able to see where the liner has been applied when you’ve finished putting on your lipstick.

  5. I like to start with a darker base and then use a bright red to lighten it. A dark, blue red (for those with cool tones) or a darker orange red (for warmer tones) allows you to customize your colour easily. It’s easier to blend into a dark colour as long as you apply a fairly sheer layer. Always use a good, clean lip brush to get an even layer.

  7. Blot to remove any excess and create an even layer.

  9. Now apply the brighter red shade liberally. You can apply as little or as much as you want, depending on the colour you hope to achieve. Here, I’ve blended the brighter red into the darker one to create a cool tone that is still a very true red.

  11. To finish add a red-toned gloss. Glass will almost never change the shade of your lipstick dramatically. I like to apply the gloss with a lip brush to keep from getting any lipstick on my gloss brush. I chose a red with a little gold shimmer. The gloss I chose also happens to be a lip plumper. I like the tingle and I always feel like my lips look thinner with it on.

  13. Voila!  Super red lips!

It’s important to remember not too put on too much eye make up. Red lips look “very done,” so it’s as important to remember to put a little eyeliner and mascara on too to finish off the look. Anyone can pull off the red, as long as you pick the right shade for you. Pay attention to your skin tone and choose a blue red if you have a cool complexion; choose a more orange red if you have a warmer skin tone. No rule is without its exceptions; just pick something with which you are comfortable.

Happy Valentine’s Day!