The Olive Branch for Children's Intimate Downtown Gathering

Cynthia Cheng

Over drinks and delicious hors d’ouevres, the Olive Branch for Children held an intimate cocktail event at the Empire Resto Lounge in Yorkville on Thursday evening.  There, founder Deborah McCracken updated the crowd with what has happened over the past year.  The news has been amazing.  One of the projects they are working on is building a canal system which allows water to directly flow into the farmlands, without the need of people carrying water from a great distance.  This way, the lives of  people in remote communities will improve, as they will be able to extend their farming season since the water is more readily available.  Another project that has been developed focuses on early childhood education, a project which has been in development since late 2008.  At the end, they were able to train 27 people in the methods and 14 kindergartens were launched. 

Deborah updating guests with what’s been happening over the past year

 Deborah (second, left), her husband, Putiyei (second from the right) and two guests

Some of the delicious spread!

This event is the first of two fundraising parties for the Olive Branch for Children.  The next event, the Gala, will occur on February 26 at Bellvue Manor in Vaughan.  Tickets for the event are $100.  For more information about the gala, please visit the Olive Branch for Children website.


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