Slimness of Models is a Designer Issue

A recent  New York Times article said that model Coco Rocha is getting fewer jobs now than a few seasons ago because she’s “too fat” at 5’10” an size four.   Please note that the Times article is actually from February 15, not February 16 as indicated in the video.

A similar article has also been published in Shorty Stories.

Note:  Coco Rocha has written a blog entry from her perspective


  1. Oh, this saddens me that there are designers that would reject this gorgeous face because she became a size 4. I am very much FOR thin models on runways, but ‘thin’ for me is size 6-5 and lower. It’s really too bad. Then again, designers, like all other artists, have the right to express their art and their point of view…so there’s really no point in judging them. One can only hope that in the future, their definition of ‘beautiful’ will broaden.