Brunch with CNN's Ali Velshi

Cynthia Cheng

CNN’s Ali Velshi was the guest speaker at an event thrown by the Queen’s University Alumni Association on Sunday, February 28.  The event, which was held at Fuzion Resto Lounge in Toronto, also consisted of a delicious three-course brunch. 

Cynthia (left) with Ali Velshi, post luncheon.

After the main course, Mr. Velshi got up to speak.  Mr. Velshi, who has been working with CNN since the beginning of the 2000s, spoke a great deal about his experiences working with the network, including the his adventure getting into the US after 9/11 (when he took a job with CNN) and his coverage of a Hurricaines Katrina and Gustav.

The event concluded with a short Q&A session, as well as a draw for two door prizes. The next event in the speakers’ series will be in March, featuring Ben Peterson, founder of Journalists for Human Rights.