The Market Now Open in Yorkville

Cynthia Cheng

A new grocery store has opened on Bloor and Park.  Catering to the DINK/condo crowd, the The Market by Longo’s opened on Wednesday, March 3.  The Market is a concept which Longo’s started a few years ago, opening in more urban areas of the city.  The stores are smaller than regular Longo’s supermarkets and offers a great deal of prepared or partially prepared foods, ranging from salad bars to ready-to-make stir-frys and a pizza bar, as well as standard supermarket items.  For caffineaholics, there is even a Starbucks (probably the sixth or seventh within the Yorkville area) in the store. 

This store is clearly not the place to go if you are looking for a full-out supermarket. However, it is a great place to pick up a few things to take home to complete a meal.  Perhaps you don’t feel like making any sides.  What do you do?  Pop in to the Market to get some prepared vegetables – great to complement the chicken you made for dinner.  Looking for the perfect dessert?  Pop into the bakery.  Though smaller than a mainstream grocery store, this is a great place for people who aren’t feeding family of four.