Chimichanga Yorkville Now Open

Cynthia Cheng


Chimichanga Mexican Grill and Tequila Bar has opened its second Toronto location in Yorkville recently.  Though the location can be hard to find (it’s located at the lower level and can be easily missed without a sandwich board on the sidewalk).  My fiance and I went to the restaurant to test it out.  We have had not-so-nice experiences in their uptown restaurant at Yonge and Eglinton and was hoping that the Yorkville location would be a bit better.  In our four or so visits to the Yonge and Eglinton location, they had managed to mess up our order every time (including once where they switched our order with the table next to us – a table who ordered extremely spicey food) and provide slow service twice.  We decided to give the place one more try at another location.

The difference in service between the Yorkville and Yonge and Eglinton locations were like night and day.  Not only did they not mess up our service, servers were also efficient.  We ordered the nacho bar plate (first picture, $9.99), which consists of gourmet cheese, sour cream, guacamole, pinto beans, mild guajillo pepper, sauce, jalapeno peppers & pico de gallo to start and my main course was lamb barbacoa tacos (second picture, $12.99 as an appetizer, $14.99 as a main).  The sauce would be considered a little on the spicey side for those who are “sensitive,” but the guacamole definitely cures the problem.  The main course, was not bad, but not as good as the nachos.  The serving size was not bad for a North American restaurant – I would have eased it a bit on the tacos, serving two instead of three, since portion sizes in this part of the world tend to be on the larger side.

We have always thought that food at Chimichanga was pretty good for Mexican food in Toronto, but the thing that kept us from going frequently was the service at the Yonge and Eglinton location.  Now with a new location with much improved service, Chimichanga is definitely going to be on our regular visit list.

Chimichanga Yorkville is located on 70 Yorkville Avenue.  Phone: 416-546-1246.