Apprentice Poll: Should Cyndi Lauper Have Been Fired?

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  1. Samatha says:

    I am so angry. That snake in the grass Holly should have been fired; NOT Cyndi. Holly twisted & distorted everything to make Cyndi look bad every chance she could get. Cyndi created that room on her own and Holy only told her to use the color red. Holly was the one who first mentioned that she told Cyndi to use red, because Holly was trying to take the credit for Cyndi’s room. Holly is a snake in the grass and a creep and I know people like her. She was threatened by Cyndi, because Cyndi is adorable and brilliantly talented and creative in EVERY way. Cyndi is a TRUE talent.

    Holly is just a bossy bitch, with no real talent or career. I’m glad to see the poll showed that more people wanted Holly to be fired. She tried to manipulate Bret M to turn against Cyndi; and she tried to manipulate EVERYone to turn against Cyndi. I can see straight thru that Holly. Holly SUCKS big time. I’m surprised that Donald could not see thru her. Cyndi succeeded in everything that she did, and was cute and adorable, and Holly was just a boring, bossy bitch. Now the show will not be as good without Cyndi. I’m really steamed to see a person like Holly remain, when a true, honest, talented person like Cyndi had to leave.